Out Of Continues Episode 154 – REALLY Regarding Retrogaming Ruining Ripoff Resellers

Hope that’s enough R’s for ya.  🙂  My over-a-year-long drought from guest appearances on Out Of Continues finally ended with my first show on their new format via Google+, or in my case, the token Google+ page I’m forced to have because of YouTube.  😛

I decided on a Secondhand Schmecondhand type topic since my vlog on Retrogame Ruining Ripoff Resellers from last Summer was a little off topic and didn’t really address the problem properly enough.  I have a rant series planned, but for now, the Out Of Continues crowd will hear it first.  🙂

Here’s to hoping I’m actually invited back onto the show sometime before October 2015.  😀

UPDATE – 10/27/2014:

…and for those looking for the Blog/MP3 link…  🙂


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