How Not To Run A Blog :-P


….yeah.  😛  Looks like I’ve done an absolutely swell job of showing the world just how to back oneself into a corner and kill a text blog for a couple of months.  In my zeal for having some kind of “Web 2.0 Empire” of sorts I wanted this blog to serve at least as an alternative way of seeing my various YouTube and Dailymotion videos, then fell behind on update posts leading to big posts of nothing but video embeds and eventually just stopping for a few months.

Then, to make things even dumber for myself, I wound up starting a Twitter page for quick responses to things like stuff in the news that overlaps the scope of this blog, relegating it to a place for longer opinion articles in addition to video posts and video commentary.

Perhaps I should ditch the bravado and stop making such ambitious plans without figuring out how I’m going to stay current with them.  Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  😛

Expect an eventual deluge of YouTube and Dailymotion embeds to catch all of this up, then more regular posts that are embeds, YouTube video commentaries, or other stuff that I don’t just have on Twitter.  🙂

Now to find some way to quit being so stupid about this lol.  🙂  Anyhoo.  🙂


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