Long Term Unemployment – Sometimes You Just Need A “Body Count.” :-P

Found a new toy to add to my Great Recession Economic Charts.  Number Of Civilians Unemployed For 27 Weeks And Over.  🙂


Previously, I had been a fan of the percentage version of this chart which tracked the percent of unemployed who were out of work for 27 weeks and longer, but this version actually attaches a people count, or “body count” if you want to be brusque and crude.  😛  This should come in handy in comparing percents to numbers of people with this stuff.  With this number dropping a lot and the percentage plateauing out it just points all the more to businesses being responsible for any remaining job search woes out there when despite long-term unemployed dropping like crazy the percentage of long-term unemployed, a.k.a. chance that one job loss will mean a long period of no real paycheck, is still ridiculously too high.

If my Statistics professor from back in college ever saw this he’d definitely nod a bit for this.  🙂


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