Hmm… What Are The Worst-Possible Songs To Play On Valentine’s Day?

Oh yeah.  I’m really thinking backwards now.  😀  Since folks are all lovey-dovey on this “Hallmark holiday” I’ve decided to be all “fight the powah!!!” and go looking for some of the downright worst songs one could possibly play on Valentine’s Day.  😀

Led Zeppelin quickly comes to mind.  I remember one night on my old college radio show back in the day some guy called and requested I play some Led Zeppelin for his girlfriend.  He quickly said, “Uhhhh just don’t play Dazed and Confused lol.”  Yeah.  Might want to specify that if calling in requests for lovers if the station DJ sometimes is a bit of a jerk.  😀

…or perhaps…  😛


…or maybe…  😀

…yeah.  Don’t go phoning those in lol.  Let’s wrap this one up with a song more appropriate for my situation.  😛


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