Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Calvin Harris vs…. Whitney? :-P

Pop fluff stations have this thing for taking hot albums and de facto playing through a decent chunk if not most of the album over the course of several months if not years (Maroon 5’s Overexposed for example).  Calvin Harris’ 18 Months seems to be somewhat receiving that treatment lately, and besides Sweet Nothing with Florence Welch reminding me of some 90s dance songs, this latest song that I’m hearing again and again and again rang a bell, but it took some digging to find out which 90s song it rang the bell with…  😛

Strange, because I’ve heard some folks say the 90s were rubbish for musical creativity.  I’m not so sure of that…  😉  Now I’m just wondering when all these stations boasting “Today’s Greatest Hits” are going to stop playing music that came out 2 years ago.  😉


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