Guild Perks – How To Suck The Life Out Of A Guild System

In perhaps the quickest revolving door WoW guild situation I’ve ever been in, my very first guild on Turalyon had me in and out in a matter of days.  For those who don’t follow my silent Twitter experiment that I’ll eventually start making more use of, after blasting the server queues on Stormrage I took the free character moves to Turalyon-US because Stormrage’s reputation as an Alliance country club pretty much dooms the server to keep getting too big for its own good.  Stormrage had just had some FCMs in July of last year, and now in just about 6 months, they were already back to hour-long queues.  Perception is reality here, and I don’t doubt that the recent round of FCMs will ultimately be negated within a few months tops again.

Upon arrival on Turalyon though, I joined a guild that was explicitly and in a very friendly fashion recruiting transfers.  Unfortunately, the net effect was the guild being a revolving door on most nights with numerous gquits happening on a regular basis.  I ignored all of that though until a mountain of drama led to a mass-exodus of raiders when they couldn’t get enough people for Siege of Orgrimmar and the raid leader rage quit followed by everyone on the raiding team, which caused even more drama in guild chat, which I had no interest in putting up with.  /GQUIT!!!

This would be the reason why I don’t mess with guilds most of the time.  I have better things to do most nights than have an extra chat channel of people whining at each other.  These people though were so desperate for numbers that they even invited someone who was causing drama in trade chat (who /gquit not long afterwards).  That of course would explain why the idiot starting all the drama after the raiders /gquit was able to sound off despite being only an “initiate” even with officers online.  Ahhhhh numbers.  The follies of these Level 25 guilds who’ll look the other way on literally anything.  😛

This sadly serves as yet another example of how Blizzard’s guild perk system has sucked the life out of the guild system in this game.  Once something other than people became a compelling reason to join a guild it was all over.  The last good guild I was in wound up disbanding when too many of our people left and nobody wanted to join us because we were only guild level 4 or something instead of a 25.  When the guild level system first launched, former “noob social guilds” suddenly wound up becoming the biggest guilds with the most perks and attracting everyone to them, including raiders, putting some raiding guilds who were more serious about progression out to pasture, and leading still others to cross-server-recruit when nobody on their home server would join because they would rather be in a 25 guild.  (Many years ago cross-server-“poaching” meant your guild was so horrible you couldn’t recruit on your home server.  Now it’s par for the course.)  When I compare this to the best guilds I’ve been in who were more of a good group of friends, it’s just ridiculous how mechanical everything has become, and that’s really the best way to describe this disaster on Turalyon — a revolving door machine that might as well have been bringing people in and having them come out on conveyor belts.  😛

I still maintain that World of Warcraft’s state of decline doesn’t need to be so, but with some of the nonsense I see in this game that’s so ridiculously tolerated, I can’t help but wonder if any of this is on purpose.  :-\


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