YouTuber Spotlight – Airraidsiren

Over a year ago, I tossed around the idea of having YouTuber Spotlight articles where I’d talk about various channels that I’m subscribed to.  I then was bogged down between life getting in the way, not being able to decide on a format, and eventually the issue of people getting mad if I picked the “wrong person” to be first, so to get around all of that, I’ve decided the “extra special very first” YouTuber will be a smaller channel that wouldn’t be caught up in all of that drama.

Channel Overview:

Airraidsiren’s channel nowadays just has some life moment videos such as smartphone clips, but the big thing I know this channel for is his various experiments with mounting ship horns onto his pickup truck, sometimes getting the horns working so well he can honk at a ship in a harbor and the ship will honk back like his truck was another ship.  😀

Video Style (If Any):

Blatantly just shoot-and-upload.  This is Classic YouTubing right here.  Though some might want more TV elements, the simplistic style of these videos gets straight to the point in terms of getting to what the video’s about.

What First Got Me Watchin’:

I first found out about this channel when I found out about the various pranksters on YouTube who rigged up train horns to their cars and honked at people, but then I found that this guy was taking it a step further and using ship horns instead.  🙂  This video in particular was the first one I saw that got my attention.

Videos I’d Recommend: 

Mazda Vs. Maasdam – Probably the ultimate example of what this guy does with ship horns.  This was the first video where he honked at a ship and the ship honked back, even though someone calls him a jackass for doing this.  😀

Ferry Horn Honk In The Underpass – “Warning: Do Not Sound Horn In Tunnel.”  😀

Tyfon 425 Rear-End Test – *HONK HONK!!!*  “Aaaaa”  “WOOF!”  😀  For those concerned, before he disabled comments and ratings, he did mention that he gave his kid ear protection just like he has on in the video.

Kahlenberg Ship Horns In Western Mass – It really says it all when the guy honks some horns and the echoes don’t stop for about 15-20 seconds afterwards.  😀

This Channel Today:

Unfortunately, this channel is walking the fine line towards “Gone But Not Forgotten” status.  The horn videos stopped after 2009 and videos in general stopped in 2011.  The horn videos aren’t tied to specific points in time though so even if this channel wound up going inactive, it still would be worth checking out.  It’d be nice to see some new horn videos though.  Maybe someday…  🙂


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