Brian Killed Off On Family Guy – The World Of Cartoon Families Now Has An Aeris :-P

…really?  This has got to be one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever seen.

The producers of this show should have known better, and the “Bring Back Brian” outrage is an absolute ringer for the video game equivalent of this – the death of Aeris in Final Fantasy VII.  Man, that was how long ago now?

Supposedly Brian Griffin being killed off was a “fun way to shake things up” according to the producers.  😛  Well they got the “shake things up” part right.  Man don’t these people ever learn?  As if Aeris didn’t cause enough people to mourn the death of a virtual character.  😛  Imagine if Snoopy ever got killed during the Peanuts comic strip’s long run.  Yeah.  Not good.

Of course there’s enough back story right now that this doesn’t have to be the end of Brian Griffin in the series.  However for a show that has run for as long as Family Guy has, these kinds of moves are just a hair too risky.  😛

…you know what?  Maybe I’ll see how The Simpsons is doing these days…  😛


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