Forgotten 45s: Firehouse – Love Of A Lifetime

Man.  The last time I heard this on *ANY* radio station was…… uhhhhh…..

I am not kidding.  Rock stations, Lite stations, 80s stations, 90s stations, stations that play a bazillion love songs, but never this one.  Then again, nearly a decade ago when I was in college I was probably the only person who even knew the name of this band as opposed to merely knowing the song.  Firehouse was one of those maverick hair bands that actually went big in the 90s that uninformed folks forget even existed because some pop culture revisionists like to go around saying things like the minute the calendar flipped to January 1st, 1990 the whole world simultaneously perma-ditched its Aqua Net Extra Hold and tossed on some flannels.  That’s not exactly how it happened.  Melodic rock stuck around for a bit even as the angsty grunge explosion did its thing (“Van Hagar” anyone?  😀 ) and the alternative character of the 90s actually took a few years to really pick up steam.

As for the song, #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September of 1991, but far more popular among couples thinking of getting married.  I probably have heard for more folks say nice things about this song related to playing it at their wedding than anything related to MTV or even the song being played on the radio.  Even as recently as the 2000s I’ve heard of this song being used for weddings, but since then, not so much…  😛


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