Forgotten 45s? Count Me In. :-)

I’m adding a new category for Forgotten 45s to maybe become another series of music commentary on here alongside Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs.  I’ve been curious about this whole “Forgotten 45s” thing where radio stations play songs that you don’t hear very much if at all on the radio anymore.  There’s just something about songs that you don’t hear a lot of that aren’t all that bad and maybe are being kept off the air because of a reverse Ad Populum or something.  😛

I’ve submitted a few Forgotten 45 requests to a local station that’s had a little fun with some of them, and have been working on trolling the whole “Forgotten 45” thing by looking for “Recently-Forgotten 45s” where I go looking for the newest songs possible that could qualify as a “Forgotten 45” like those pop songs that are here one day and gone the next.  I’m thinking LMFAO’s Party Rock song might be on its way to being something like that.  😛

Either way, I know that multiple stations and radio jocks do this sort of stuff, so why not get in on some of the fun, and see which music commentary category on here gets bigger faster, though STRMOOS has quite the head start.  🙂


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