Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Katy Perry Vs. … Alanis Morissette? :-D

…yeah.  Something rang a bell when I finally heeded YouTube and Vevo’s constant parading of this song in the related videos.  😛

I’ve seen all the popular Katy Perry videos over the years, and this latest thing about her most popular songs being about “Yay I’m so awesome” with an angsty “grr my boyfriend treated me like crap but now I’m awesome” vibe is an absolute ringer for the “more feminine” side of angsty 90s alterna-rock (using that term loosely of course lol).  Sure she is supposed to be some kind of Queen Of The Jungle here but who says maybe she’s not trying on the angsty 90s “I haven’t shampooed my hair in a year” thing.  😉  Now she just needs a guitar.  :o)

Next question – what’s Taylor Swift going to do to try to retake the spotlight after this Roar stuff takes off?  😀

Pop fluff music.  Go figure.  😛


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