Hey McDonalds!!! *THIS* Is Why Young People Hate Old People!!!

I practically grew up with high school kids flipping burgers part time for pocket change being an American stereotype, but apparently giving young people work experience so they can actually have lives when they get out of school is getting more and more taboo these days.

CNET – McDonalds Hires 7,000 Touch-Screen Cashiers

In Europe of all places too, despite that continent having been smashed to pieces by the Great Recession and boat-anchoring international business worldwide,  Quite cheeky as the Brits would put it.  I can somewhat understand perhaps in a more multilingual environment like continental Europe it might streamline operations to have computers take the orders and then just have the restaurant associates cooking and serving food, but why now?  I have the same beef with the Democrats here in the States who are pushing for massive social programs like health care reform and mandatory paid sick leave laws at a time when neither this country nor the American people can afford it.  These would be more palatable and tolerable ideas (not to mention humane and noble) if anyone could actually afford them, but it just shows the true colors of anyone who does this that anyone at all is willing to say, “Hell with the millions flat on their back that are suffering in this country – we’re going to ram this through no matter what!”

McDonalds should know better.  They were the ones who wanted to destroy the “McJobs” reputation that entry-level fast food jobs have a few years ago.  What’s this then?  A white flag that instead of solving the problem by making those jobs more respectable they’re just going to phase them out?  How quickly they forget that these “entry-level” jobs are often snatched up by not-so-entry-level people when we have messes like our current mess going on, or are they that forgetful that they’ve completely forgotten that little fiasco a few years ago that landed them in the national news when over a million people applied for about 60,000 jobs.

Makes me wonder what the plan is when stunts like this become more commonplace and young people in a decade or two find their lives completely ruined before they even have a chance to do anything because nobody will hire them because “they have no experience” yet nobody will let them get any experience in the first place.  Oh who am I kidding?  What’s left of what used to be America is all about social paradoxes crushing the have-nots of society these days.  :-\

In the meantime, let us not wonder why there are generation gaps and generation wars with how the older folks who make these decisions are so blatantly antagonistic to people who haven’t celebrated as many birthdays as them.  :-\


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