Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Wonder Girls vs. Journey :-P

…yeah.  😛  I already know what Question Number One is going to be from most folks.  “How the heck did you end up listening to fluffy bubblegum crap like this?”  😛  Well let’s just say I was recommended to check out the Wonder Girls by someone who wanted to teach me a lesson or two about what fluffy bubblegum music is.  Heck, even Taylor Swift’s “waaaah my ex-boyfriend sucks” songs now sound tame compared to this.  😛

Then, on top of the sheer cheesiness, some of the synths they used in this song sound like something from an old Codemasters Nintendo game.  😛  I”ve heard critics of bad electronic music saying stuff like bad electronic music is basically video game music, but this gets rather literal.  Heck, even their logo in this video looks like the old Codemasters logo from those days.  😛

Then, as I listened to this mishmash of Electronic schtuff, one of the chord progressions reminded me of a Journey song….  😛

Woohoo!  This K-fluff is now butchering my appreciation for classic rock!  Ugh!!!  😛  Must…end…this entry… on a high note.  😛  There!  How about some prog to finish things off.  😀


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