From Sissy To Suckup – “Change We Can Believe In” At The FCC =(

President Obama has made me ashamed to live in this country, as opposed to a more tech-friendly country like South Korea.  Julius Genachowski was an embarrassment to the whole idea of government regulatory agencies during his tenure at the FCC, constantly sucking up to our crooked telecommunications giants and overseeing ridiculous assaults on Net Neutrality as well as the NBC Comcast merger that got me to refer to former commissioner Meredith Atwell Baker as Meredith Turncoat Baker after she helped hammer through the merger then took a cushy lobbying job at Comcast.  Well apparently the revolving door swings both ways.  A former industry lobbyist is now Obama’s main man to head up the embarrassing tech-unfriendly joke known as the FCC.

This is why perhaps term limits for presidents isn’t such a good idea and should be repealed.  The whole lame duck thing basically gives two-term presidents the leeway to do whatever since they’re on their way out no matter what.  Actually now that I think of it, every single lame duck president in my lifetime has done something that landed some serious egg on their face.  Ronald Reagan had the Iran Contra scandal, Bill Clinton had the sex scandals that got the US presidency made fun of all over the place (plus the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed under his watch in Term 2), and now we have this.  At a time when rich politicians routinely thumb their nose at the American people and dismiss us as mere simpletons who “can’t get past our cynicism” they continue giving people more things to be cynical about!!!

Seriously, we’re lucky some of the high-profile violent crimes right now can be tied to mental illness or terrorism from overseas.  Wait until people start snapping en masse and we have something like Greece or London in some of our major cities.  We’ve been out of the recession for years, the economy has been improving for years, plus Corporate Profits After Tax came roaring back not long after the financial crisis (continuing its meteoric ascent in Q1-2013), yet the job market is still a complete disaster.  Millions suffer needlessly in this country while the people floating on top run away with what’s left of this country.  But it’s the peons of America that need to “get over their cynicism.”

I’m ashamed to be an American.  Meanwhile while we can’t properly wire up this country or provide decent broadband to our people the Republic Of Korea is the most wired country in the world (plus you can technically say that their citizens are “ROKers”  🙂 ), and Samsung, one of my favorite companies out there, does more sales than many of its Japanese competitors….. combined.  Watching stuff from organizations like Arirang News, basically their CNN over there, minus the speculation-as-news nonsense like what CNN has recently been embarrassed with, you can see footage on their YouTube channel of things like people surfing the web on their smartphones in subways underground.  😛  Meanwhile, AT&T gets lampooned for their horrendous cell service in our major cities.  :-\

This lobbyist-as-FCC-chief nonsense isn’t going to improve things any.  Makes me wonder if the land of the free and home of the brave has just given up on life with how the people in Washington keep selling us out, along with our science, technology, innovation, jobs, future, etc.  =(


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