Ashens Vs. Cheeseball Hotel :-P

…because hotel rooms can’t fit on a sofa I presume…  😀

I can relate to some of this though.  I went to a conference once many years ago and our hotel on the ocean had a nice-sounding name but once we were actually in it the niceness kind of went all bluh on us.  😛  My friends and I had more fun chucking ice cubes off our balcony at 2 in the morning and seeing if we could make the water lol.  😀  I Googled the hotel all these years later, and their website is so cheesy (like something out of an 80s B-movie actually) that they even have their telephone hold loop as background music on their web page like those obnoxious Web 1.0 sites that played a MIDI in the background automatically with no way to stop it lol.

…yeah.  I can relate to Ashens’ cheesy hotel woes, considering I’ve stayed in one that says, “Thanks for calling such-and-such hotel” when you visit the web page.  😛  Much like him though, I’ll spare the cheesy hotel the embarrassment and not say the name.  😛


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