More Country Duh Moments… :-P

Continuing the discussion on what Country music has become, aside from the whole Carrie Underwood “WAAAAAAAAAH MEN!!!!!” *cha-ching* thing, some of these hit songs nowadays are just…. stupid lol.  😛

“Bowm…bowm..bowm…bowm…. CREEPIN…..” Durrrrrr.  😛  Anything to fill that magical three-and-a-half minutes eh?  :o)

“She loves me like Jesus does.”  Uhhhh…..  If you had a girlfriend that took capital punishment in your place for you I don’t think you’d be able to sing about her like that in present tense…  😛

Hey look a beer song.  Just part of the old joke about if you play a country song backwards you get your truck back, you get your girlfriend back, and you get sober.  😛

…coming from the guy who “should’ve been a cowboy” all those years ago, I’m surprised he’s doing silly beer songs like this nowadays.  😀

“Truck yeah.”  Why do I have this funny feeling this title could’ve been something else…  😛

“All the way up ’til they lay me down, six feet under cold hard ground, ’til my last day, I’ll be lovin’ you.”  😛  Uhhhh….  If you’re being buried, “your last day” already happened.  Duhhhhhhh…..  😀

This guy totally reminds me of John Michael Montgomery with the “ladies man country.”  Makes me wonder if he’ll overdo it a bit at some point.  😛

Yeah.  Country music has changed since the 2000s and 1990s.  At some point I wonder if Country music will turn into a Weird Al parody of itself with some of the songs that are charting these days.  😛



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