SimCity – The Latest Reason Why Pre-Ordering And/Or Buying Games At Launch Is Just Plain Stupid These Days

…and the reasons for me to never buy a game at launch or pre-order ever again continue to pile up – SimCity’s disastrous launch being the latest example.  Earlier I blasted the idea of pre-ordering games in response to TotalBiscuit’s video on the subject re: what happened with Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Now, I’ve taken to the microphone yet again to sandblast the SimCity launch.  Seriously.  SimCity?  Of all gaming franchises to be dragged through the mud by always-on DRM, why did it have to be SimCity?  :-\

Ars Technica also took to the Interwebz with some fierce commentary on this little launch disaster as well.

There’s not much that I can say here that I didn’t already say when I blasted this topic over the mic earlier this week, but this newest SimCity is now going to be yet another game I deliberately skip because of this DRM stuff.  In other news, as an update to what I said in the RadioStyle segment I’ve recently found out thanks to good ol’ Wikipedia that the Steam version of Red Alert 3 now doesn’t have any DRM above and beyond the Steam stuff these days, so nearly 5 years after its launch I’ll finally be able to check out that game lol.  I’m also experimenting with some more interesting titles for this blog besides the rather generic “The MultimediaJay Blog” to emphasize this blog’s significant evolution since its silent launch in 2011 as a simple side project to the YouTube channel.  Nowadays it’s almost big enough for me to make the YouTube channel into a side project to this blog lol.  🙂

Lastly, let’s close this whole SimCity blog entry schtuff with another recent YouTube video about SimCity on the SNES from the AVGN’s James and Mike Play series.  I’m thinking a Play Some Schtuff of that SimCity game is in order too considering something has to make up for the damage this series has taken by this botched DRM-crippled launch of the latest game in the series.  :-\


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