Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Alas, Neo-Grunge :-P

Ten years after Nirvana burst onto the scene and stole the rock show from the remaining melodic metal bands still rockin’ out in late-80s big hair, someone had the utterly brilliant idea to simply try doing it all over again.  😛  Hence, Neo-Grunge, a little doodad rock thing in the early 2000s that got people thinking a lot about Kurt Cobain as the 10th anniversary of his death approached.  This isn’t exactly STRMOOS in the strictest sense of the term, but I’ll add it in to the category anyways because it’s close enough.  😛  Besides, the Neo-Grunge days in the early 2000s were the first time I heard songs that reminded me of other songs… well, except for Creed sounding like Pearl Jam to the extent that it wound up on Celebrity Deathmatch.  😛

I actually liked this song back in the day, and so did my boss at work at the time.  I joked with him about the whole Neo-Grunge thing one day and said, “You know these guys kind of sound like Nirvana right?”  He was like, “Yeah, I know these guys are pretty much grunge all over again…. and I LIKE IT!!!”  Of course, being several years older than me he probably had quite a collection of flannels back in the day himself, so maybe he was just a tad biased…  😀

Still though, the similarities were pretty interesting, even if not exact.  🙂


Seether did some of this too back in those days, probably more than Puddle of Mudd did.  I remember this one of course from my college radio days since this was a hot song on our automation for when there weren’t any DJs scheduled.  🙂

…don’t really have a good Nirvana matchup to that, so I’ll just post All Apologies instead.

The Seether song that got me thinking Nirvana style though was this one.  I liked the tune to this song for the longest time, until I realized that the lyrics sang about a guy about to get shot by his girlfriend or something.  First time I ever started keeping special attention on what songs are singing instead of just getting lost in the melody.  😛

…maybe I thought it kind of was like Come As You Are…  😛

All things considered, I’d say the Neo Grunge thing wasn’t all that bad, despite being an obvious do-over of the early 90s stylewise.  Rock probably needed that in a time when one-note two-note rap metal nu metal needed to be knocked off its pedestal.  😛

…ugh.  My ears.  That’s enough music stuff for now.  😛  Let’s end with the polar opposite of one-note two-note simple stuff in the form of some Dragonforce.  😀


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