PS4 – AMD’s Revenge

My concerns about pricing have been somewhat alleviated by finding out that the supercharged PC architecture that’s powering the next generation Playstation will be based on AMD’s APUs.  🙂

AMD of course has been working on differentiating themselves from Intel ever since acquiring ATI by making combination CPU/GPU chips.  Up to this point AMD APUs have been largely something you think of when you think of an all-in-one processor powering a small portable device like a tablet, smartphone, or netbook (my netbook actually runs off of an AMD APU).  Developing a special APU for the PS4 with all the hardware hype about the device would represent the first midrange to high-end application for AMD APUs without having to deal with Intel, as currently is the case in the PC world where Intel CPUs eat AMD APUs for lunch and AMD really doesn’t have a decent answer to the Intel Core i7.  The next few redesigns of the AMD architecture might fix that but for now anyone who wants the best gaming performance will plunk down the decent-sized pile of cash to build a Core i7 Frankenstein monster of a desktop.  😀

Still though, AMD could be hopping in Sony’s boat just before it sinks with both of them in it.  My previous concerns about overemphasis on hardware still apply here, though I’m a little less concerned that the PS4 might be priced out of contention when it launches now that I know AMD’s involved.  AMD currently isn’t known for their very pricey hardware, but that’s a chicken-and-egg thing as to whether AMD really wants to sell its processors at the price point that it does, or is their low price point just a way to have a chance against Intel and the low-pricing thing won’t apply here.  Either way, my number one question about the PS4 still remains – how much will it cost?


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