Geeky Excess Continues To Thrive In Computer Cases

Newegg TV is getting rather predictable these days.  I saw this video in my YouTube feed, saw that it was for full tower computer cases, and immediately made the wild guess, “Let me guess.  Joanne.”  Yup.  😀

This must be an ongoing office joke with these folks to constantly have Joanne do overviews of these humongous computer cases that she could practically hide behind.  😀  Still though, it’s crazy just how huge some of these “enthusiast” PC cases are getting.  Makes me wonder when someone like Ben Heck will do a nerd beer fridge mod where the guy takes one of those college dorm fridges you can get for about the same price as one of these souped-up computer cases and mods the thing so that the fridge cools the computer innards yet still serves as a completely viable refrigerator for cold drinks.

It’s not like the combination computer/appliance thing hasn’t been done before.  About 10 years ago there was a rather interesting mod called “The Caffeine Machine” which sadly has since been relegated to internet funny picture sites, but this wasn’t a joke.  This was a real computer that functioned as both a computer and coffee maker.  😀  Looking over some case mod sites it looks like there have been mods before where either someone put a beer tap on a PC case or took an old mini-fridge from the 50s or something and converted it to a computer case, but I’m thinking a modern mini-fridge with a fully-functional computer that is cooled by the refrigerator’s cooling system without any fans and still keeps drinks cold.  That would be pretty interesting.  😀


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