Tesla-Hatred In The Media Needs To Stop

I absolutely can’t stand this mainstream media hatred of Tesla Motors that has existed over the past several years.  Several years ago, when the first plans for the Tesla Roadster started popping up on the Internet, you had to dig to find anything at all about this fantastic machine, while the media was utterly swooning over hilarious jokes like the Chevy Volt.  A few years later, this searing hatred hasn’t stopped, but at least the Roadster found its way into Gran Turismo 5 as a gimmick car.  😛

Now fast forward to today, and there’s quite a fight underway between a New York Times reporter who apparently wasn’t too fond of one of his recent Tesla test drives and Elon Musk, the CEO of the company.  After finding out that the Tesla Roadster’s appearance on Top Gear was sabotaged from the beginning by a loaded anti-electric-car script that was written for the show, media cars now have data-loggers in them, and the data recorded from the NYT test drive conflicts very heavily with what the reporter wrote about.  😛


Ahhhh the utter hatred of technology.  I’ll know which side is more serious though when I start hearing about lawsuits.  Defamation is quite a serious thing, though the first defense against any charges of the sort is Truth.  Still though even if this doesn’t go this far, it’s quite a war of words.

Yet a couple of years ago before the Chevy Volt started not-selling the media was all aglow over its incremental innovation nonsense that made it barely more than a traditional hybrid, yet the knock-your-socks-off innovations found in the Tesla Roadster barely received any coverage outside of the geek world.  Ahhh the tangled web people weave when media bias comes to town.  😛


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