iPad Prints On Imagewriter II :-D

This should bridge a generation gap or two among Apple fans.  Anyone remember the Imagewriter II?  That old dot matrix printer that was popular in schools back in the day that whined and screeched for 5-10 minutes just to print one document?  😀  …and people complain today if the office copier doing X amount of pages per minute instead of minutes per page is a little too slow.  Spoiled babies.  😀

Found this on YouTube after seeing a post from HP on LinkedIn asking “what were you printing 25 years ago” because it’s the 25th anniversary of the launch of the HP Deskjet printer series.  🙂  Here’s the corresponding HP Blog entry.


It’s interesting that in the 80s inkjet printers had 4-digit price tags, which got down to 3 digits in the 90s, and now in the 2010s there have been $35 Deskjets on Newegg.  🙂  If Marty McFly were real, he’d probably try to sneak one back to 1985 and save a bundle.  😀


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