State Of The Channel 2012 to 2013 – Oh How Things Change In A Year :-P

I’m not so sure I want the Great Recession taking the prime spot on this blog for now.  It’s kind of depressing.  😛  Let’s work on some of that better crossover between this blog and the YouTube channel stuff I’ve been talking about.  🙂

The State Of The Channel discussions are something I do at the beginning of the year, usually as part of the MultimediaJay RadioStyle series where I basically try to sound like a talk radio host with some background pictures and stuff.  🙂  I got the idea from some folks doing this sort of stuff on their channels, and first tried it out in 2012, sadly right after getting laid off.  =(

For 2013, I expanded the concept of this enough to end up with roughly an hour’s worth of discussion on the various video series that I have on YouTube.  I started out with discussing the channel itself and channelwide stuff.

…then talked about the vlog series, which is basically a general purpose video series usually consisting of over-the-shoulder tech videos, last year of course being a big year for it.  🙂

…looks familiar.  Yup.  There was a section about this blog too.  🙂

…before talking about my gaming video series, which made a comeback in 2012 with a format change…  🙂

…and RadioStyle, though talking about that series with a segment in the series was a bit redundant.  😛

…and RadioStyle’s bigger brother, the podcast series that I started up last Summer.  😀

…before finally wrapping up with some discussions about other video series.  I think overall this went a tad too long because I could barely talk by the end of it all.  😀

Next year, I may end up switching to the podcast being about the year in review and whatnot, since the total play length of this State Of The Channel 2013 stuff turned out to be about the length of a podcast to begin with.  😀  Either way, I have a year to figure it all out of course.  😀


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