Regarding Bots, Aggregators, And Other Accounts That Do Not Correspond To Actual Human Beings

This will eventually find its way onto my YouTube channel as well, but this issue has gone on long enough on both sites and I’m sick of it.

There has been a rise lately in accounts on blog and social media sites, etc., that do not correspond to actual human beings.  Organizations, websites, and other “non-human” accounts that do not correspond to actual people have been coming onto sites like WordPress and YouTube and trying to blend in, even to the point of trying to act like actual people by subscribing to bloggers/vloggers and maybe even sending a few token “likes” every so often to not draw any suspicion that the “user” behind those accounts is indeed fake.

This is a personal blog, and my YouTube channel is a personal hobby channel.  Both of which correspond to me as a human being doing this type of stuff just for fun, and hopefully maybe some other people out there can be entertained by this sort of stuff.  I am NOT here to be a target of viral marketing, a Pavlov Dog for marketers collecting data on the demographics of social media users, a “source” for aggregators who just subscribe to stuff to fill an RSS feed with material for potential news stories, opinion columns, etc., or other such stuff, nor am I interested in having some of these types of accounts giving me the impression that this blog has an audience that doesn’t really exist.

Right now on YouTube there is a one “number place” difference between subscribers and video views.  For the most part, people with thousands of subscribers get hundreds of views per upload, hundreds tens, tens ones, etc.  There’s a lot of stuff going on that has caused this.  The Great Recession has killed many people’s ability to afford decent broadband, leading to many accounts going inactive, YouTube has more competition in the online video world, leading to more inactive accounts, YouTube has drifted in and out of various levels of brokenness in terms of subscribers getting to see new videos from people they’re subscribed to, YouTube makes it far too easy for people to subscribe to far more channels than one can actually watch on a regular basis, and non-human accounts that correspond to organizations and websites have been subscribing to channels and essentially ending up as fake subscribers because the person operating the account is just someone doing a job somewhere and what the YouTuber ultimately gets is a subscriber who *never* *ever* says anything and barely even watches anything.

This has become a big enough problem on YouTube that I’m seriously considering going through my subscriber lists and either deleting or blocking any user whose channel name makes it sound like they’re one of these types of accounts, and I intend on doing this on WordPress too if it gets bad enough here.

Bottom Line – If you’re not a fellow blogger or blog reader or individual who actually likes what I do here, you probably shouldn’t be here.


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