From The Obscure Christmas-y Music Vault… FFXIV’s Holiday Music :-)

One thing I like to do around Christmastime each year besides watch Scrooge movies is dig up songs besides the usual 50-year-old songs everyone’s sick of hearing everywhere they go (yay commercialism!  :-P).  🙂  For today, I’d like to post a little something from the ill-fated initial version of Final Fantasy XIV.

FF14 had such an abysmal start as a new Final Fantasy MMO that Square Enix is practically giving the game a mulligan and relaunching it from scratch supposedly next year as “A Realm Reborn” (or as Stafa from Out Of Continues calls it, “Final Fantasy XIV-II”  :-D).  But even despite the clunky gameplay, horrendous interface, lack of interesting content, and in a time where MMOs just copied World Of Warcraft a rather sad attempt to clone various mechanics that WoW standardized in online RPGs, at least the ingame holiday Christmas event had some pretty good music…  🙂


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