Guild Wars 2 = Hasta Lavista Patch Mentality

One big thing I like about Guild Wars 2, and one of the many WoW problems that this game addressed, was the whole patch mentality thing that existed whenever big patches were in development.  Today I took a look at the GW2 Facebook page, and what do you know, some patch notes for today’s update.  Had I not been following them on Facebook I would’ve missed them entirely.  This might be going too much in the other direction from Blizzard’s celebrity game devs like Ghostcrawler and all the horn-tooting about every single update to the game, but I’d say it’s an improvement.

Besides the skill tweaks and bug fixes, the most notable thing I noticed in today’s update notes was that discovery crafting now can run directly off of the Collections tab in a player’s bank much like production crafting, so players no longer need to take materials out of the bank to craft, which also means that the last inconvenient feature of crafting has been fixed, so two issues from this Time Techland article that was posted less than two weeks ago have already been fixed (“I wish I could stay in overflow without pop-ups”, “It’s a shame you can’t work crafting stations directly from your bank inventory.”).  Now I wonder if ArenaNet will just continue going down the list.  🙂

The lack of patch fanfare is about as much of a welcome change as the lack of subscription fees with this game.  I for one am glad that ArenaNet just takes care of business instead of making the next patch into almost as much of a hypefest as a new game release.  Just code it, test it to make sure it works, then release it.  Simple.  As opposed to all the patch hype I dealt with during my WoW days.

Probably the earliest patch hype that I got caught up in during my World of Warcraft days was Patch 2.3, the Zul’Aman patch in Burning Crusade.  With my paladin stuck wandering the world or doing PVP as a shockadin in order to not be a sissy healer or gimmick tank in raids I was looking forward to the first set of buffs to Ret Paladins that were due to come out back then.  This made the remainder of the month or two before the patch released into a complete slogfest where I just went through the motions because the upcoming patch would make the game so much better.  I would’ve cancelled my subscription for a month or two but these patches always seemed to be announced right after the billing date, plus us eager WoW players could satiate our wanting to try the new features out ASAP by getting involved in the Public Test Realms when they went online, but that only made the problem worse.  I’d play the new stuff on the PTR, then go back to “the old game.”  Bummer.  😛

This happened in Patch 2.3, Patch 3.0.2, and numerous other major patches too, even as recently as Cataclysm when I was playing it, when it shouldn’t be happening at all.  Game fixes and improvements should just be put in the game instead of turned into packages to hype up as though they were free DLC or something (though technically not free in a subscription MMO 😉 ).  This boom and bust feeling of “ugh the patch isn’t out yet”/”yay the patch is here!” is something I definitely won’t miss in Guild Wars 2.  🙂


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