“Remember Folks, Every Time You Go Nuts About 9-11, The Terrorists Win…”

I seem to be the only one within miles of here who didn’t make a big to-do about September 11th this year.  Everyone else was like, “Oh man.  September 11th.  Do you remember where you were on that day?  I can’t believe it’s been 11 years already!”

Yes that’s right.  It’s been 11 years, so how about we knock it off with this hysteria already.  Bin Laden’s dead for Pete’s sake, in case anyone forgot about that little factoid, or does he “live on in our hearts” like some lost loved one or something?  😛

There was a time when I went nuts about 9-11, namely, back in 2001 when it actually happened.  I woke up to the terrorist attacks having taken over CNN and just about every news channel in existence and one of my suitemates in college going, “Hey man.  Check this out.  The world really is %*@#ed up these days.”  I was so depressed about all those people having been killed that I called off work that evening, plus I was even more depressed that my alma mater did absolutely nothing to honor the victims and went along with business as usual that day as if nothing had happened.  Classes still went on, not even a moment of silence or something.  I was livid on the e-mail circuit that evening about what kind of insensitive clods were running that school, but I think my uncle said it best.  If we had ground to a halt we would’ve given the terrorists what they wanted.

In retrospect, I’d say he was right.  Within a few days of the attacks I came home one night to my roommate crashing planes into buildings on Microsoft Flight Simulator and was like, “Uhhh what?”  He was like, “Yeah, I’m a sick %*#( aren’t I?”  Actually he was burnt out on all the news coverage about 9-11 and how nobody was talking about anything but 9-11 afterwards, and I kind of got what he meant at the time.  We’d also printed out a big picture of Osama Bin Laden and taped it to a dartboard in our suite and other things like that.  Bonus points if you nailed the bastard between the eyes.  😛  Plus we further amused ourselves with the now-classic Flash game Bin Laden Liquors which came out shortly afterwards.  😛

That was then though.  In case folks forgot, this is 2012.  The rubble from the World Trade Center has been cleaned up and there’s even a memorial to the victims of those attacks.  Lots of things have happened since 2001, including THREE sets of Summer Olympics, smartphones having been developed (Remember cellphones back in 2001?  They were actually just phones back then.  :-P), HDTVs are out, Blu-Ray is out, we’ve had one of the longest most successful gaming console generations ever, YouTube exists for Pete’s sake while MySpace has come and gone and some people are questioning whether Facebook will have a future, the Bush Administration days are ancient history and now it’s about whether Obama’s getting a second term or not.  With the worst economy since the Great Depression going on right now, this decade has its own problems to deal with, and some folks are even nostalgic for the 2000s before the financial crash happened already because of how terrible things have been since then.  I’d even dare to say some people would prefer living in the America shortly after the 9-11 attacks than the America of today with how rotten things have been in the past several years.

…but don’t expect people to admit to that every time Patriot Day rolls around.  Yeah, that’s right.  Anyone else remember that the day of remembrance for the victims of those attacks is even called Patriot Day in the first place?  People have this thing for being attracted to and remembering more vividly the gorier more depressing things in life, which is why we have all this “if it bleeds it leads” stuff in our news these days.  9-11 was no exception.  =(  There’s nothing wrong with remembering the victims of those attacks.  It’s just that if we continue to be ground to a halt every year as if 2001 never ended, how have we moved forward from that day in the past decade?

This’ll probably be the only time I really talk about September 11th on here.  In the long run, I think the “insensitive clods” at my college were right.  The terrorists wanted to mess us all up with those attacks, so the best thing we can do is remember the victims while not being torn up by this every single year.


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