Fast Approaching Release Quality – I Think

I take it ArenaNet isn’t a good place to work if you hate working Saturdays.  🙂

Needless to say they’ve been very busy fixing things all day.  The login issue was ironed out, and now they’re focusing on getting the Trading Post working again.  I’m still spending more time in overflow servers than my real server though.  😀

The thing is, I can see this game’s potential once everything’s ironed out.  Gameplaywise it’s already living up to its potential as the online RPG of 2012 that’ll give World Of Warcraft a serious run for its money, and the kind of game that Blizzard can’t defuse via their usual tricks like they’ve done for previous threats to their game.  Once these infrastructure issues are taken care of – watch out.  🙂  Adding a Guild Wars 2 category for these various posts and retroactively adding old posts to it.  🙂

Maybe when everything’s patched up the Shaemoor water wheel can actually spin the right way.  🙂


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