“About This Blog” For Folks Who Didn’t Come Over From YouTube

Recently I’ve noticed there are people here on WordPress following this blog that didn’t come over from YouTube.  Given how YouTube basically is really embed-friendly these days and I’ve seen various websites that just use embedded YouTube for their video clips I figure I should get with the times and introduce this blog to these folks who’ve subscribed to it on here but never go to YouTube, as well as bring over some of my videos into some blog entries.

Basic Introduction

To begin with, this blog is a tech blog that serves as an extension of my YouTube channel, a small variety channel that I make various types of videos on just for fun because my background basically has AV/Multimedia Geek written all over it.  This blog took over coverage of tech news and other stuff I like to chime in with my opinion on so I could respond faster without having to make, edit, and upload a video, but I think I’ve done more on this blog than on YouTube this year in terms of adding things.  🙂  YouTube’s also been semi-broken lately to the point where my subscribers might have a hard time watching new videos I post because YouTube’s recent revisions of their subscription interfaces have left the system flaky at best.  They should just standardize everything, eliminate their subscriber system altogether, and just go RSS for everything but that’s another blog entry.  🙂

It’s getting to the point though where I really should just integrate the two more, and post videos on here to match the times where I mention the blog in a video.  I’ll be adding a MultimediaJay post category exclusively for entries that serve as posts for my YouTube videos.  Embedding them in blog posts also lets me write some director’s commentary type notes and stuff too.  🙂  I’ll get to work on that a little later on.

Target Audience – 21+

This blog, and what I do on YouTube, will probably appeal the most to mature responsible adults.  I don’t try to make anything kid-friendly, or appeal to younger folks considering I’m old enough to be a father myself.  I do know that some of what I do might be of interest to some younger folks, so the rule of thumb is – if anything here or on my channel could get someone in trouble with their parents, they’re too young.  😛

NSFW?  Not Really, But Don’t Waste Time At Work Here LOL

I don’t bother worrying about whether I should write if something’s NSFW, because this is a personal blog, and my YouTube channel is a personal channel as well, and where I come from when it’s time to work you … uhhhhh…. work.  😀  Rule of thumb there could be if the thought even occurs that something on this blog or the YouTube channel could get someone fired, then one shouldn’t bother being here or there during work time of course.  😛

I’ll get to work on embedding some YouTube stuff later on, but with some of what’s been going on here, I figured why not post something like this?  🙂


One thought on ““About This Blog” For Folks Who Didn’t Come Over From YouTube

  1. Hello jay, i am very interested in your vids and i would love to see more videos of torturing old computers with new operating systems. My friend has a 10 year old laptop with a jacked up screen (acer 3680 with a celeron like in the dellasauras but is clocked to 1.7 ghz originally and 1 gb of ram) with the “Unmentionable OS” that was released after xp. I put windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on it and its freaking slow. So slow and unbearable that i went through the steps to reduce load on the cpu and ram (Added 3 gb of ram virtually too). After that its working smoother and now to wait for the 200 updates when installing a new OS. Then its time for windows 10 which will hopefully reduce the load on the pc even more. That computer was never intended to have windows 7 on it since at most it has that horrible os (earlier versions had xp). After the updates, i will flash the bios with a 2008 update and we should be good. I love the videos and i cant wait for more dellasauras videos. 🙂

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