“Printer Bomb Malware” – Ha. Sounds Kind Of Juvenile. :-P

Oh man.  Someone actually did this?  😛


Apparently someone with too much free time on their hands wrote some “printer bomb” malware lol.  Similar to a mail bomb that overloads someone’s mail account, this printer bomb malware infects a print server and causes the printers to print endless loads of gibberish until they run out of paper.  Ha.  That’s so juvenile.  That’s the sort of thing I’d expect kids to pull on each other in the computer lab at school like with a huge Word document or something where they sneak the file over when someone walks away from their computer for a bit and quickly copy the file, open it, and hit print lol.

I imagine this must be a big headache in a corporate environment though.  Printing is one of those things that gets rather expensive as the print volume goes up.  It’s not just paper being wasted here, but toner/ink as well, and this puts unnecessary wear and tear on more long term consumables in printers such as rollers and fusers which are replaced less often but are expensive whenever they are replaced (most maintenance kits for printers I’ve seen over the years have three digit price tags).  I wish the IT admins at the various companies dealing with this luck in getting it under control.  With this kind of situation each gibberish-loaded sheet of paper is basically dollars being spit out of the printer every time one prints.  Not good.  =(


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