West Haven, CT – Students Expelled And Arrested After Posting Stuff On Twitter – Social Media….. AGAIN!!!

I need to finish the Parenting And The Internet series.  I’ve been caught up in stuff related to the new job and getting sick earlier this month but the problem isn’t going away, and I still have more topics on the list of topics to go through.  :-\


“Parents should be watching what their kids post online.”  Duh.  However we can’t expect parents to be a foolproof solution to this problem though.  The fact remains teenagers are young, inexperienced, and naive.  Couple that with the instant worldwide effects of something they post going viral, and it’s trouble waiting to happen.  The worst part would be if these kids wound up with felonies on their record for this if it turns out there was no credibility to any of what was posted.  Not good when young people can exhibit a little teen angst and wind up with criminal records affecting the rest of their lives.  :-\


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