Every Industry Gets To Have Technology Except The Food Industry?… :-P

So, have you heard?  The meat we’re buying in the supermarket might contain pink slime and/or meat glue.  Oh how terrible.  😛  Hello Frankenfoods and other assorted concoctions that don’t occur in nature!  😛

I just have to laugh, because all the bobbleheaded folks out there who eat up anything the for-profit ratings-driven mass media spoonfeeds them just further illustrate how ill-informed people can be, not to mention hypocritical.

So, how come the food industry doesn’t get to have any technology eh?  How come every other part of our lives can be shaped by all kinds of technology, but food can’t?  Is there really anything different going on here that’s not going on anywhere else?  Heck even within the food industry there’s mass-hypocrisy on food technology simply between food and drinks.  Frankenfoods are bad, pink slime is bad, meat glue is bad, but energy and sports drinks are not?  What about beer, wine or other forms of liquor?  How much of that stuff occurs in nature?  😉  Oh yeah bring on all these drinks that humans have to create in some way shape or form but heck with that frankenmeat stuff.  It’s just nothing short of inconsistent.  😛

Maybe I’m a tad desensitized to this stuff because my Dad’s a meatcutter and because of that I’ve known about meat shenanigans for years.  I know about “mechanically-separated” meat that goes into our hot dogs, etc., so to watch everyone get utterly shocked at pink slime and meat glue as if this sort of stuff has never happened before was humorous to say the least.  Of particular interest to me was the potential health hazards of rare glued meat.  Have we forgotten something here?  Namely that there’s health hazards with improperly-cooked meat and poultry too?  Let’s just say I’ve never understood why people order meat rare.  How someone can order something “cooked but not too cooked” was always kind of weird to me, and the potential health issues with poorly-cooked glued meat just further reinforce my insistence on everything I order always being well done, because if I want something cooked that means COOKED darnit.  😛

The whole frankenfood thing is even funnier to me because folks like to talk about “stuff that doesn’t occur in nature” as though nature were so pristine, good, and flawless.  Hint:  It’s not.  Just turn on The Discovery Channel.  😛  Want to know what occurs in nature?  Lionesses tearing into wildebeests and ripping the bloody guts out of them then dragging the bleeding carcasses back for the rest of the pack to eat raw, manure, bacteria, killer bees, fire ants, fruit flies, poison ivy, nettles, carrion-feeding organisms of various types, great white sharks, duckbilled platypuses, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, etc.  Need I go on?  😛  It’s just that people go around with this utopian view of an all-natural paradise in their heads when in reality the way things work in nature is Law Of The Jungle, kill or be killed, who’s higher on the food chain, etc.  With that in mind, I’m not so sure nature should be the golden standard for how things should work here, and if human civilization can come up with something better than nature, why not?  After all, do cars, big-screen TVs, high rise apartments, modern high-tech hospitals, or recycling centers occur in nature?  😉

Besides the whole nature thing, there’s also the issue of people being just plain spoiled.  We can’t stand all these things the meat industry’s doing, but God help those greedy meat companies if meat isn’t cheap cheap cheap and more cheap.  One of the uses for glued meat that was mentioned in the whole meat glue debacle was that cafeterias and other businesses that run on cheap food might use glued filet mignon meat to save some money on it.  That’s just one of but many instances where people these days largely want to have their meat and eat it too.  😛  For millennia, meat consumption was an indicator of how prosperous you were.  If you could eat meat on a regular basis, you were rich.  Anywhere else in society, you’d eat meat only on special occasions if at all.  Want to know one way that we can know that Western Civilization has done well for itself?  Look at how much meat is commoditized these days.  Poor people can eat hot dogs and bologna sandwiches on a regular basis, plus we have Spam, whatever Taco Bell meat is these days, etc.  Basically, regular ol’ Joes can actually make fun of certain types of meat as being crappy, like the aforementioned bologna, Taco Bell meat, etc.  That says a lot right there.

We want cheap meat, but we don’t want any of these fillers or anything going on, well which’ll it be?  😛  Same thing with other things consumers want cheap cheap cheap and more cheap, but that’s another discussion for another day.  😛  All things considered though, I’ve heard that there are labeling and ingredients list regulations that should help identify this sort of stuff, but I’m thinking some of the folks who are shocked at this media stunt might have seen some of those terms and went, “Eh, it’s cheap ground beef.  I’ll get it anyways” but don’t expect them to ever admit that.  😉

So…  what’ll be the next thing the media makes a big deal out of to get people flipping out about something en masse?  🙂


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