Meet The New YouTube, Not Exactly The Same As The Old YouTube :-P

One of the things I’ve noticed with YouTube is that it’s usually better to have folks subscribe to your channel as a side-effect of getting involved in the various communities that exist on there.  People have been complaining about YouTube getting too commercial lately and the front page being redesigned to favor commercial videos or something like that as well as spam accounts, ghost accounts, etc., but I think it’s good that it has been made harder to get subscribers just by having a popular video, because I’ve been finding that if all you care about is numbers, then by all means play the system like everyone else caught up in the rat race, but if you just want to have fun, then don’t sweat it and just get involved.  🙂

I’ve been seeing that among my own subscribers lately.  I have over 400 subscribers as of this entry.  Not bad for me not begging and pleading for folks to like, comment, and subscribe every video like some folks do, but among those people are two distinct groups of viewers.  Out of the 400+ folks who clicked the button, maybe a handful of them actually chime in on stuff that I post or watch what I post.  That right there is the difference.  I stayed at the 70-80 subscriber level for the longest time, then when I had some videos explode in views, like my Play Some Schtuff video of My Fitness Coach for the Wii, which I knew would do well because there wasn’t yet a video on YouTube about that game at the time, and the Ashens spoof I had that I pulled after it attracted too many of the wrong type of people (namely humorless Brits who bashed me nonstop about my horrendous attempt at a British accent in that video  :-P), basically a bunch of more people subscribed because of those types of videos, then said nothing and eventually unsubscribed when I didn’t make another video exactly like the one they subscribed for.  (Variety channels never do well in the numbers game these days, hence sellouts like iJustine having a bazillion channels corresponding to every single video topic they can think of to do videos about, and even folks like Zaranyzerak who now has a second channel for video responses, though he’s another story altogether.)

Demographics matter when it comes to YouTube, and anyone messing around on that site should decide in advance what kind of audience they want to have and specifically cater to that audience.  I learned that lesson when I saw some of the AVGN-inspired gamers on there basically supernova their channel out of existence after bucketloads of eDrama and spending more time arguing with their audience than actually making videos, hence Play Some Schtuff being more like the more mature and family-friendly Classic Game Room than these AVGN-inspired folks who cuss up a storm and flip their lid over stupid stuff in games.  😛  Now, since I don’t want to play the numbers game here and would rather have folks subscribe who give a darn about what I do and like what I do, what I’m going to do is rather than cry for people to subscribe every video like the numbers nut sellouts do, get involved in the communities on there like the tech tinkerers and mature gamers and whatnot, chit-chatting in the Comments about videos, etc., and making videos that folks can search for rather than video blogs of how my day went or something, since I’ve noticed even from my own YouTube viewing that the majority of channels I’ve subscribed to recently have been from either related videos or typing stuff in the Search box rather than the front page or something like that. 😛

So yeah, heck with playing the numbers game.  I just want to have fun making videos that folks might be interested in taking a look at.  🙂


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