Microsoft Once Again Yanks A Perfectly Good Product

The Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 is my favorite mouse of all time, and won’t be easily dethroned, so what does Microsoft do?  Pull the plug on it of course!  >:-(

Next month this classic mouse will be End Of Life.  Quite frankly, this makes me want to throw something darnit.  😛  The Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 has got to be one of the best-designed mice of our generation.  It’s relatively large, has a tad bit of weight to it, and the two thumb buttons on the side have inspired various copycats over the years, from some of MS’ newer mice series to various Logitech MX gaming mice.  The proof is in the pudding here.  Microsoft already discontinued the original silver version of this mouse only to reintroduce the mouse in a sleek black and silver version a few years ago.

I suppose in a pinch I could use Logitech mice again, but I tried switching to Logitech MX mice twice in the mid-2000s and the quality just wasn’t there.  The glue would come undone on the grommets on the bottom then the grommets would slide around and get sticky stuff all over the bottom of your mouse, or the labels on the bottom would peel off.  The Microsoft mice?  Nothing.  I have an Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 that’s approaching 10 years old and still works perfectly, with no deterioration underneath of any sort.  My second one is from the re-release a few years ago and also still works great.

…but Microsoft’s official policy is to wave the magic wand of artificial obsolescence over stuff they release that actually works just because the product has had a few too many birthdays.  Ridiculous.  It’s Windows XP all over again.  …and it’s not that I’m stuck in the past or like using old peripherals — Microsoft legitimately has not made a worthy successor to this mouse!  The Intellimouse Explorer 4.0 was a complete joke, and the first product I ever returned to Newegg for how poor it was compared to its predecessor, and the Comfort Mice that Microsoft makes these days have a lower DPI so the movement isn’t as precise and your arrow will skip around a bit more than the Intellimouse Explorer 3.0.  There’s other brands, but I’d rather stick with a good old-fashioned mouse than mess with some of these plastic abstract art pieces that pass as gaming mice nowadays.

A dark day indeed for the PC world.  Maybe Microsoft will come to their senses again and release a third run or a properly updated version of this mouse.  Seriously now.  =(


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