Young Turks And Test Tube Meat – Oh Come On Now! :-P

Knowing how they’re such hardcore Democrats I absolutely cannot believe that The Young Turks could ever have an aversion to the idea of test tube meat.  😛

Seriously?  Test Tube Meat is one of the most awesome scientific advances of our lifetime.  If this becomes commercially viable, the shockwaves of how it affects our culture will be felt worldwide.

Imagine if we could grow meat the same way we grow plants for food.  That would change so much in our society when you consider how we currently produce meat.  Our current system is basically a bunch of heavy duty factory farms that pen animals in cramped quarters and the type of stuff PETA flips their lid about.  Then you have the effects on our food and water supplies from feeding all that livestock.  If you hail from the country like I do, the term “cow corn” probably means something to you.  It’s basically when farmers grow entire fields of corn just for cows and that corn never makes it into our food supply because it’s basically livestock feed.  Cows also drink lots of water too and have to be hosed down from time to time so that puts a strain on the water supply.  Plus, then there’s the issue of what to do with all the manure and how to keep its nitrates from getting down into the drinking water supply in farm towns.

Seriously, for anyone who’s vegan for environmental or animal treatment reasons, test tube meat that’s grown artificially will finally give them the ability to sink their teeth into a juicy burger or steak absolutely guilt-free for the first time in their life.  😉  I’m also curious what the drop in demand for corn and water will do to the prices of those two when factory farms change over to food labs.  😛

The biggest hurdle would probably be pop culture technophobia, like people currently flipping out over “genetically-modified food” as if farmers trying to breed animals or grow crops with bigger yields wasn’t already in that ballpark…  😛


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