Sheer Genius From Across The Pond :-)

I often like to talk about how video blogging has jumped the shark on YouTube.  My own RadioStyle series is an AV Geek’s response to Vlogging and just how long in the tooth it’s gotten.  However, if one searches YouTube long and hard enough, there are still decent vloggers out there waiting to be found.  One of them is this very witty and to-the-point Londoner.  🙂

She really hits it right on the nose about the whole Reply Girls spamfest on YouTube.  I was actually following some drama about that stuff yesterday afternoon.  Some channel with two guys going by the handle DireBoris tried to amass an army to campaign for YouTube to do something about that mess and they actually got kicked off of Twitch TV because they were basically trying to do a non-gaming stream there.  😛  After they finally pulled off their stream by making a DireBoris2 account on I took a look around YouTube for other folks chiming in about this mess and voila there she was.  I’ll have to work on actually being able to remember her username though.  Icklenellierose…..  maybe typing it and/or trying to say it out loud will help.  😛

The Reply Girl fad on YouTube is the latest fad that needs to blow over.  Basically any video that gets a decent amount of views, usually from the Trending category on the front page, is fair game for some well-endowed female cam-you-know-what to make a 2 minutes tops video saying next to nothing significant about it and copying the tags verbatim to mooch views off of it, then of course showing up and taking up a spot in the Related Videos section.  Talk about a waste of bandwidth.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen any videos that are so vacuous content-wise.

Then again, there truly is nothing new under the sun here.  YouTube has always had channels that consisted primarily of people doing video responses to grow an audience that way, but in the past they at least said something and made some effort instead of just putting their …… schtuff …… in front of the camera.  😛  YouTube has no shortage of folks trying various gimmicks to get views and comments to become YouTube partners, but the gravy train has to stop somewhere.  There’s probably a tipping point somewhere where if too many people play the system the folks advertising on YouTube will want to take action about it when their ads don’t generate the kind of legitimate response they’re looking for or YouTube gains a reputation where posting an ad in front of such and such number of people really isn’t posting an ad in front of such and such number of people.  😛


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