Toshiba – What The Heck…. :-P

What is it with Toshiba stuff these days?  Been hearing some bad stories about how their laptops have gotten in recent years.  Now I’m hearing stuff about their TVs.  :-\

This sounds similar to a problem I had with the last set of computer speakers I used before I stopped using computer speakers.  Prior to switching to using a cheap home-theater-in-a-box for computer sound I had a set of Logitech Z-series speakers.  Barely a few months after getting them the amplifier started popping intermittently, so I looked up service information for warranty service, only to find out that even if I got the speakers replaced under warranty, once the warranty was up, there was *NO* options for parts or repair, even an out-of-warranty repair that I’d have to pay for.  People were livid on the Logitech forums about this and their CSRs basically shunted them over to taking their chances on eBay.  To add insult to injury, the Onkyo system I got on Newegg to replace those Loudtechs was actually less expensive and had more max watts if I ever wanted to crank up the volume, plus it’s a home theater so I have far more inputs and far better support for various encoders like Dolby and DTS.  There’s a video in here somewhere, and I’ll probably make a video later on about that whole mess since it’s definitely worth putting on YouTube.  In the meantime, I’ll let you compare the numbers yourself with the latest versions of these types of products on Newegg.  😉

Newegg – Logitech Z906 500 Watt Speakers

Newegg – Onkyo HT-S3400 660 Watt Home Theater In A Box

Whether speakers or TVs though, no matter how throwaway things get these days, electronics companies should not treat their customers like crap just because they sell stuff cheap.  Ultimately, when everyone starts doing that, the way to differentiate from the competition will be through service and owner TCO.  🙂


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