The Oil War Dog And Pony Show – The Next Chapter

Ready to see more ridiculously expensive gas?  Europe has done a little something that I consider far too commonplace in politics today and landed themselves in some hot water over the recent situation in Iran.

CBS News – Oil At 9-Month High After Iran Cuts Supply

Iran has cut off oil exports to Britain and France.  Next up are some more European countries if they go through with their next round of threats, but Iran’s not just randomly cutting off its own source of import/export revenue here.  Europe made the first move in enacting sanctions against Iran to discourage them from continuing to develop nuclear weapons.  The US has gotten involved to some extent as well, but it was the EU that landed in the news for the political posturing a few weeks back.

I refer to this as a dog and pony show because it’s become far too common in politics today that governments that need to distract people from the ongoing issues of the economy will create headlines for themselves to distract their people, and I think this whole Iran thing is definitely the latest page in that book.  Here we have Europe playing political games when nobody has any money, and surprise surprise guess which country on The Old Continent is one of the ones heavily-dependent on Iranian oil imports that’s been landing in the news lately?  GREECE!!!

Sydney Morning Herald – Greek Dependence On Iranian Oil Proves Latest Headache For EU

So, here’s the country whose shaky economy has got some people worried sick about the world slipping into another recession by the end of 2013 and in the name of playing politics they get hung out to dry oil-wise in the name of…. what exactly?  Preventing Iran from building nukes?  It’s not like there aren’t already nuclear-armed anti-West regimes out there to worry about.  Look at North Korea for example.  We’re technically still at war with them because the Korean War ended in a cease fire rather than a peace treaty, they have no shortage of anti-American propaganda, and they’re interested in developing an ICBM that could hit the US, and we’re worried about the mere possibility of a nuclear Iran?

Can’t say Europe’s alone in this diversion politics while folks on the street continue to have empty pockets.  The Obama Administration has engaged in more than a few social experiments while nobody has any money in the past few years, and even the State Of Connecticut has done some shenanigans themselves on a more local level.  That seems to be the name of the game in American politics today, just keep enough uninformed people nodding their heads enough to keep getting re-elected, no matter what the result.

Who knows what the future holds?  I predict World War 3 sometime in my lifetime, and probably over oil.  =(


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