Social Media Gaffes In The News – AGAIN!!! :-P

Maybe I should just give up on waiting for the gaffes to die down before my next RadioStyle segment on Parenting And The Internet.  Here’s another one for the growing pile of stories that just won’t go away.  Looks like a high school football coach in Maine had to step down after he inadvertently posted a naked picture of himself on Facebook.  😛

Here’s the thing.  Supposedly he meant to send it to just his girlfriend but it accidentally went public?  Was he trying to use Facebook to send the picture?  😛  Wouldn’t that have gotten him in trouble with Facebook if he did?  I think lewd pictures are against the Facebook TOS or something if I remember right.  If that was the case though, then this was another privacy setting oopsie, something we’ve seen from Facebook before.  😛  You could say, “D’oh!  What was he thinking?!” yet with all the problems with folks just being naive…

This issue just isn’t going away, no matter how much we may try to ignore or sugarcoat it.  😛


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