A “Lost Generation” In The Making?

This “college scam” thing just won’t go away will it?  Lo and behold, a little something from the Young Turks’ college channel:

So, apparently with the stories out there of college-educated bartenders and janitors with Ph.Ds some college kids these days are becoming disillusioned with STEM careers as this culture continues to promote silly fluff at the expense of those who work hard in specialized fields.  Can you really blame them?

There’s certainly plenty of folks involved in fluff that are on top right now despite the economy, and various industries giving a similar impression.  TV and celebrities are one problem, but how about companies without a lot of competition like cable companies cranking up cable rates year after year despite households making less than they did before because investors demand a market strategy that involves keeping competition down so every last nickel can be squeezed out of the customer base regardless of the cost structure of the company?  How about government and all the spending going on there?  How about the Wall Street bailouts?  Meanwhile, what about all these people who want to work hard but suddenly get that phone call that either they’re being laid off or have to train their replacement because their job’s getting outsourced?

What kind of culture are we creating when people who want to work hard and have a good work ethic see numerous successful alternatives to hard work whose results far surpass hard work itself?

I’m reminded of that scene from Wall Street where Gordon Gekko says, “What about it?” in regards to hard work.  It’s true though, who needs hard work when you can just know the right people and buy the rest?  Why work hard at a job when the minute you start working circles around your co-workers they start looking for ways to sabotage your efforts and either get you fired or brought back in line so the net result of your hard work is nothing?  Better yet, why work hard when there’s no individual recognition at all or if there is, no compensation so at the end of the day all your so-called recognition is little more than a silly formality?

We’re presenting ways around good old-fashioned hard work in our culture and then wondering why people don’t want to roll up their sleeves and do any hard work?  Oh the nerve!!!  😛  It’s true though, where are our priorities?  Furthermore, where are the jobs for people who DO go through with this kind of “hard degree?”

One only wonders what America will be like when our economy becomes so top-heavy with people who want to entertain or serve others that not enough people are left to fix stuff, make stuff, or run stuff.  Better yet, what if someone does get caught up in the long-term service bubble then that bubble pops and suddenly it’s revenge of the blue collar world when people who create value physically by fixing, making, or running stuff are suddenly the ones in demand?

What we should be worried about in this economy is what this experience is going to do to our workforce.  The Great Depression had a significant impact on people, and as much as we don’t want to call our current mess a Depression, that is not going to stop it from being DepressING when people spend their prime years just weathering the storm and then by the time things finally start to recover they’re over the hill.  :-\


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