“Play Some Schtuff – Skyrim?”

I’ve been deliberately blowing off making any commentary videos about Skyrim because of one simple fact – Skyrim was a rush job.

As much as Elder Scrolls fanboys may scream and holler about this assertion, simply playing through the game reveals so many bugs and quirky things that one can’t help but wonder if Todd Howard and his folks were a tad too obsessed with releasing the game on 11/11/11.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that Skyrim’s a bad game, since an Elder Scrolls rush job is probably still better than some crappy games are at their final version.  😛  It’s just that I’m sick and tired of Bethesda making Elder Scrolls games that foster such a love-hate relationship between the game and its playerbase.  Morrowind had stability problems on the PC, even without installing mods.  Oblivion had the same problem, though less frequent.  Skyrim still has some crashes to the desktop yet despite all the good things in it, there’s just so many ugly things that should’ve been polished up before release that it’s definitely a diamond-in-the-rough.

One only has to look at all these major patches that have come out and the Creation Kit not being ready at launch, plus notable problems on all three platforms to see that Skyrim should’ve been delayed.  Next time I see a game with a gimmicky release date I’m going to deliberately skip that game until at least several months later, which is what I should have done here.

I’ve also been waiting for the release of the Creation Kit, since the replay value of both Morrowind and Oblivion was bolstered by the massive amounts of mods people were making, so it also wouldn’t be fair for me to say anything about Skyrim when the only mods available are silly file replacements and whatnot instead of real plugins like the previous games enjoyed.  Hopefully Bethesda gets everything done and polished up with Patch 1.4.  I’d like to make more videos about Skyrim than that silly mashup I did because various parts of Skyrim reminded me of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.  😀

In the meantime, here’s their latest update.  🙂  I would say “hurry up Bethesda,” but hurrying up is why the game’s in the state it’s in, so I’ll just wait until they get it all done in their own good time.  🙂



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